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Yukika Mizumi
United States
Current Residence: Konoha
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, J-Pop, and Christian
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: Coby
Favourite cartoon character: Tigger
Personal Quote: The little things that make our lives great are things we should treasure forever
  • Listening to: Set the Fire to the Third Bar; Snow Patrol
Ok, I'm writing this journal because I SERIOUSLY need to vent right now. I try not to do these kind of things, but I'm to the point I'm about to explode if I don't get this out of my system now.

I am absolutely SICK and TIRED of fakes, liars, and backstabbers. The world has absolutely NO loyalty left, it seems. What am I walking about, and why am I bringing this up? Well, let me backtrack a bit and start from the beginning;

I had a 'friend' of mine that I've known a couple of years. We met through the roleplay circuit on myspace back in '09 or so, and became best friends right off the bat. Well, out of the blue one day, she disappeared. Her profile was gone, no explanation, nothing. I was upset for a little while, but got over it after some time passed and moved along with life. Well, about a year later, I made a new profile for the HP roleplay verse, and made a new group of friends, including my long lost sister Savannah who ironically had the same roleplay father for her character as mine. Anyway, I get an add one day from someone named Samantha, and it turns out this person was the same girl from my old profile. I was super pumped, it seemed like the gang was complete again.

Everything was fine at first; everyone got along, and our little group really became like a family. But after a while, things began to change. All of a sudden, Samantha was clingy, and even came between an rp relationship I had with another friend of mine. Basically, she tried to cut me off from everyone, including my sister. She denied everything, but there was undeniable proof that I saw with my own eyes that she was trying to chase everyone else away from me. I soon discovered it was because in real life, she's bi-sexual, and from her own mouth she admitted she had feelings for me though she knew I was neither lesbian nor available even if I was considering I'm engaged. So since she wasn't able to date me, she just decided to cut off all my fiends and made false accusations against them.

When I didn't believe her, she got extremely pissed off and began turning things around on me. I finally cut all ties with her, I was fed up with the drama that she always brought, from the rp stuff to the real life stuff about how horrible her boyfriend was but she wouldn't leave him because she loved him though they'd been dating all of a week at the time. I wanted to be done with her, and once I cut ties with her I didn't mention her if it could be at all helped.

Well, earlier today, I logged onto my youtube account only to find that now this same girl, who claimed that I did her all kinds of wrong once ties were cut for good, is now stalking me. I also found out that two other 'friends' of mine, who claimed that she had done them wrong too, just as severely as she had done me, are suddenly best friends with her. The funny thing? Right after claiming she did all these things to them, BOTH cut off contact with me, and refused to give me a reason why.

I know this journal was long, and I apologize. But the point I was trying to make is that this world needs a HELL of a lot more loyalty than it has now. I'm absolutely DONE with people who don't know how to be loyal or the meaning of the word. I'm turning 20 next month, and in my life, I've been through a lot. I've made many a friend and have lost many along the way, but never once have I called a loyalty on someone and then left it without good reason, like with Samantha. I'm just absolutely tired of it.

Rather anyone actually takes the time to read this or not, that's fine. I just needed to vent badly. Now that it's done, I'm going to try and sleep. To anyone with encouraging words, I thank you in advance.

- Yukika-Chan

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